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Telco Tower Politics in Jakarta

PT MRT Jakarta has appointed PT Tower Bersama Infrastruktur Tbk (TBIG), a company controlled by Edwin Soeryadjaya’s Saratoga, as provider of telecommunication services and WiFi for the city’s mass rapid transit (MRT). Separately, supporters of Anies-Sandi in the Jakarta Legislative Council (DPRD) started to make noise about micro cell poles (MCPs) in the city.

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Express Taxi + Uber

Express Group (TAXI) and Uber have just announced their collaboration and ridesharing integration. Under such program, drivers of Express Taxi will be able to take orders using uberX application, while Uber drivers are given access to financing scheme from Express Group, a company controlled by tycoon Peter Sondakh.

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Tower Industry: TBIG (Saratoga) vs TOWR (Djarum)

PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure (TBIG) Tbk, tower operator controlled by Saratoga Group (Edwin Soeryadjaya), has just released its financial statement for the period ended Sept 30, 2016. The Company’s total asset was slightly smaller than Sarana Menara Nusantara (TOWR), controlled by Djarum Group (Hartono family), but TOWR is valued significantly higher than TBIG.

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Tax Amnesty in Action (23)

Boy Garibaldi Thohir, shareholder of Adaro Energy (ADRO) and some other companies, and his brother Erick Thohir were seen of filing applications for tax amnesty this morning. Other conglomerates, including James Riady and Sofyan Wananadi, have earlier announced their participation in the program.

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