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Kaharudin Ongko v. BFI Finance

The dispute on the ownership of shares between PT Aryaputra Teguhartha, a company with links to PT Ongko Multicorpora (PT Mitra Investindo Multicorpora) and Kaharudin Ongko (Bank Umum Nasional and former defendant in the BLBI graft case); and PT Bunas Finance Indonesia Tbk (now PT BFI Finance Tbk) (BFIN) has been going on for almost two decades. There are legally binding verdicts on the dispute, but Aryaputra, as reported by bisnis.com and kontan.co.id refuses to surrender. In a press conference held on May 14, 2018, Aryaputra’s legal counsels conveyed their plan to file another lawsuit.

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Tax Amnesty in Action (23)

Boy Garibaldi Thohir, shareholder of Adaro Energy (ADRO) and some other companies, and his brother Erick Thohir were seen of filing applications for tax amnesty this morning. Other conglomerates, including James Riady and Sofyan Wananadi, have earlier announced their participation in the program.

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