An oil spill happened in Balikpapan Bay on March 31, 2018. An anchor dropped by MV Ever Judger ruptured a PT Pertamina’s pipeline. As a result, oil spilled into the sea, triggered a fire, and claimed the lives of five local fishermen. Since the incident, the vessel’s captain has been found guilty and sentenced to ten years in prison by the Balikpapan District Court. But the incident left a large ecological impact on the ecosystem and the inhabitants around the Bay. The Minister of Environment and Forestry filed a lawsuit against several parties, including Pertamina and Ever Judger Holding Company Limited. Separately, Pertamina filed a different lawsuit against the owner of the vessel. Recently, we learned that Pertamina had won the lawsuit. But the court proceedings on the lawsuit filed by the Ministry continue to this day. To subscribe please click here