China’s trade surplus jumped to a fresh record high of USD 78.17 billion in December 2020 from USD 47.25 billion in the same month a year earlier, beating market expectations of a USD 72.35 billion. Exports soared 18 percent year-on-year, the seventh straight month of increase; while imports rose at a softer 6.5 percent, the fourth consecutive month of growth, amid improving global demand. For 2000 full year, the trade surplus was USD 535.03 billion, the largest since 2015, as exports rose 3.6 percent, while imports fell 1.1 percent. Exports to the US increased 7.9 percent to USD 451.8 billion, while imports from the US were up 9.8 percent to USD 134.9 billion, bringing a trade surplus of USD 316.9 billion.