The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) held a sting operation in Jakarta and East Kalimantan on July 2, 2020. By July 3, 2020, the KPK announced seven suspects of bribery. Among those in the receiving end are the Regent of East Kutai one Ismunandar (Nasdem) and his wife Encek Unguria R Firgasih, who happened to be the Chief of the regency’s DPRD from PPP. The investigation and inquisition were escalated to the prosecution stage, and the bribers have heard the prosecutors’ demands. Meanwhile, the trial of the bribee has just started last week. We later learned that in addition to Ismunandar and Encek, two other defendants in the case are brothers. We are looking at another example of corruption as a result of a political dynasty.

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