Indonesia posted a current account surplus of US$0.96 billion in the third quarter of 2020, equivalent to 0.4% of GDP, shifting from a US$7.50 billion deficit in the corresponding month of the previous year, or 2.7%  of GDP. It was the first current account surplus since the third quarter of 2011, as the goods surplus widened sharply to US$9.80 billion from a US$1.36 billion a year ago, in line with the improvement in export performance amid subdued imports due to weak domestic demand. In addition, the primary income gap dropped to US$7.59 billion from US$8.42 billion. Meantime, the services shortfall increased to US$2.62 billion from US$2.27 billion due to a rise in the deficit travel services, while the secondary income surplus narrowed to US$1.37 billion from US$1.83 billion.