The impact of the COVID-19 has hit the national cement industry. Based on data from the association, total cement sales in the first semester (H1) of 2020 reached 30.88 million tons (MT) of cement or dropped 4.19% from H1 of 2019 with total amount 32.23 MT of cement.

Total domestic cement sales slumped by 7.7% from 29.42 MT of cement in H1 of 2019 to 27.15 MT of tons of cement in H1 of 2020. In the second quarter (Q2), the domestic cement sales declined 8.88% to 12.52 MT and it fell by 14.3% in a quarter-to-quarter basis (q/q).

Indonesian Cement Association reported, Java still dominates the market with total sales volume 14.6 MT of cement, although it was plunged 10.42% from the same period of last year. The decline also occurred in other areas, for an example in Sumatra, where cement sales fell 0.67% to 5.98 MT.

In Kalimantan, the volume also subsided by 9.06% to 1.7 MT. The deepest sales correction occurred in the Nusa Tenggara Islands, which fell by 12.5% ​​to 1.57 MT. Nevertheless there are still an increase in the Eastern region which rose 11.65% to 867,672 tons.