Joko Tjandra, whose family controls the Mulia Group, left Indonesia a day before the court officially sentenced him guilty. Joko supposedly made his escape after insiders of the judiciary institution tipped him. It’s a suspicion that has not been proven. Two years after Joko’s escape, the Mulia Group caused a stir for its luxury hotel construction in Bali. Joko Tjandra was supposedly involved in the process. That said, the Mulia Hotels and Resorts was built despite the controversy. Eight years later, businessman one Frans Bambang Siswanto filed a police report claiming that the said Hotel was built on his property. The land was allegedly sold by I Made Sumantra using fake deeds and certificates. The Hotel denied the accusation and insisted that it had obtained the parcel of land through legal means. Sumantra was found guilty and convicted by the court. The same decision is upheld at the stage of cassation in the Supreme Court in 2019.

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