General authority of Saudi Arabia raised import duty on 575 of Indonesian products. The trade partner need to raises the import duties due to falling world oil prices and to optimize the tax revenues.

Minister of trade, Agus Suparmanto asserted, his ministry will immediately develop anticipatory steps to maintain the country’ export performances caused the decision has the potential to suppress exports to Saudi’ partners, including Indonesia, especially in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic which has hit economies of countries in the world. Another step that can be done, he noted is through bilateral cooperation.

The increase of Saudi’s import duties will affect Indonesia’ non-oil and gas export like automotive products with import duty increased from 5% to 7%, paper products and their derivatives rose from 5% to 8-10%, iron, steel, and iron or steel goods increased from 5% to 8–20%. The value of Indonesia’ exports to Saudi for these products reached more than US$624 million.