Two Indonesian e-commerce players SIRCLO and ICUBE has merged, said both companies last week. It said, the merger brings thousands of clients from various businesses of any size and aims to unite the strengths of the parties. The role of e-commerce has become increasingly important and relevant over time, especially in the midst of COVID-19 outbreak. The pandemic encourages more businesses and consumers to rely on online platforms such as e-commerce in buying and selling.

At times like this, the presence of integrated and reliable e-commerce technology and solutions is critical, as it becomes the key to success for business owners and brands that sell online through websites or other online sales channels. Founded in 2003, ICUBE provides custom e-commerce solutions in the form of to medium scale businesses. Until now, SIRCLO has helped more than 1,000 clients and brands to develop their business online, both through SIRCLO Store and SIRCLO Commerce.