It has been a while since we reported on the dispute between PT Kawasan Berikat Nusantara (Persero) (KBN) and PT Karya Citra Nusantara (KCN). The last report was written after the Supreme Court granted the cassation petition filed by KCN and overturned the decision previously made by the district court. We have been waiting for KCN’s official statement since then. In the first week of March, we’re surprised to learn that KCN had been sued by its legal counsel Juniver Girsang. We wondered what happened, but the parties only gave explanations recently. Juniver filed a lawsuit of Suspension of Debt Payment (PKPU). It’s the first time for us to hear of a PKPU lawsuit filed by a legal counsel against a client. The Commercial Court of the Central Jakarta District Court believes the lawsuit must be granted. So KCN is now in its period of temporary PKPU.

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