Japanese car maker, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. close manufacturing facililites in Indonesia and Spain after book a losses in 2019 and as part of its four-years plan. Thailand plant become as single production base in Southeast Asia for the company.

In addition, exiting South Korea, the Datsun business in Russia and streamlining operations in some markets in Southeast Asia. It said, the global COVID-19 pandemic substantially impacted Nissan’ production, sales and other business activities in all regions.

The impact is reflected in the manufacturer’ financial results in 2019. Last year, the consolidated net revenue declined to JPY9.89 trillion (US$91.75 billion), resulting in an operating loss of JPY40.5 billion and a net loss of JPY671.2 billion. This includes costs associated with restructuring and impairments by JPY603.0 billion as Nissan focused on operational and efficiency improvements to transform the business.