In 2018 the Jakarta High Prosecutor’s Office (Kejati Jakarta) issued a warrant for the commencement of inquisition (sprindik) on the allegation of corruption in the procurement of coal for PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) in Muara Enim, Palembang, South Sumatera. The Kejati named two suspects in the case, one of whom is Kokos Jiang (previously known as Kokos Leo Lim), the owner of the Sugico group. After several months of investigation and inquisition, the Kejati expedited the docket to prosecution only to learn that, in June 2019, the Panel of Judges of the Corruption Court at the Central Jakarta District Court had acquitted Kokos from all charges. The verdict was strange. At around the same time, the other suspect one Khairil Wahyuni, the former president director of PLN Batubara, was found guilty. So the prosecutors tried to appeal. By October 2019, the Supreme Court declared Kokos guilty. The prosecutors weren’t satisfied. They sought heavier sentence for Khairil, but up to the stage of cassation, the Supreme Court decided to uphold the verdict given by the Corruption Court.¬†

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