Back in September 2018, Asia Sentinel published their story on the criminal conspiracy conducted during the administration of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) especially regarding the Bank Century case. The story quickly goes viral, triggering a threat of lawsuit from the Democratic party. At the time we all know that we’re already familiar with the story, although until today, the case can only ensnared several people. We, on the other hand, are interested in the party who prompted Asia Sentinel to write the article, i.e., Weston International Capital Limited, an investment firm who –for several years now– refuse to stop “investigating” the case. Weston decided to bring the dispute to the Singapore High Court in June 2015. In 2018, the primary claims were submitted and in 2019 the amendment to the application was submitted. In February 2020, the High Court announced their decision.

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