Two months ago, we reported on the progress of the deliberation on the Land Bill. The Bill was included in the National Legislative Program (Prolegnas) in 2015. A draft exists, and the Government had submitted a problem inventory (DIM) on said draft to the House of Representatives at the end of 2017. Government ministries responsible for agrarian issues are supposedly unable to agree on some matters, hence the delay. In 2018, the ministries involved supposedly found common ground, but nothing has happened since. Several months ago, in the midst of social unrest caused by the plan to promulgate the controversial Bill on Criminal Code, the Government and the House of Representatives were supposed to promulgate the Land Bill, but the plan must be postponed once again. Since the KPK has announced their inquisition into a case of corruption involving two officials of the National Land Agency (BPN), talks about the Land Bill has surfaced.

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