Indonesian Palm Oil Association or GAPKI noted the country’s palm oil production grew 13% annually to 36 million tons in September 2019, its latest data showed on Wednesday (20/11). Of the total production, 26 tons were absorbed in the export market or grew 13% compared to exports in August and rose 4% on an annual basis.

The increase in palm oil exports, said GAPKI, was due to changes in import duty tariff policies from Indonesia which became the same as palm oil from Malaysia to India. The association noted Indonesian palm oil exports to India increased sharply by 51% to 481,000 tons in September.

However, GAPKI’s executive director Mukti Sardjono said that palm oil production in September fell by 2% compared to a month earlier. Palm oil production in a number of provinces was recorded to decline including North Sumatra, Central Kalimantan, and Jambi.