The Indonesian government has imposed temporary additional duties on imports of textiles and textile products up to 67.70%. The fresh move is a safeguard measure to protect the domestic upstream industry from a recent surge in imports and encourage the use of domestic market products. The policy is regulated in three finance minister regulation number PMK 161/PMK.010/2019, PMK162/PMK.010/2019, and PMK163/PMK.010/2019, which can be accessed on the official website of the ministry.

Through PMK 161/PMK.010/2019, the finance ministry has determined temporary additional duties for yarn products – other than sewing thread – from imported synthetic and artificial staples starting from Rp1,405 (US$0.10) a kilogram. Meanwhile, in PMK162/PMK.010/2019, the ministry has also set temporary additional duties for imported fabric products ranging from Rp1,318 to Rp9,521 a meter and ad valorem rates ranging from 36.30% to 67.70%.

Then, in PMK 163/PMK.010/2019, the ministry imposed temporary additional duties on curtains products, blinds, bed nets, and other furniture items imported at Rp41,083 a kilogram. The director of international customs and inter-institutions, Syarif Hidayat, revealed that the temporary additional duties were applied to several tariff posts in the Indonesian customs tariff book.