Indonesia opened wide doors for foreign workers to occupy strategic positions after the country’ ministry of manpower issued a new regulation. The policy is considered to be able to increase the amount of unemployment in the country, which on the other hand neighboring countries like Singapore also opens opportunities for foreign workers.

In the new regulation, the government has determined that 2,196 positions can be occupied by foreign workers in Southeast Asia biggest economy. The number increased from some previous regulations, covering 18 business sectors in Indonesia ranging from construction, manufacturing, education, and others.

The provisions are regulated in a Minister of Manpower Regulation signed August 27, 2019, perfecting several previous regulations that have been issued.

The position of Commissioner or Director who does not take care of personnel is permitted to be occupied by foreign workers, as long as it does not conflict with the provisions of the legislation.

In addition, in this new regulation, certain positions that can be occupied by foreign workers are divided into 18 categories, ranging from construction; real estate; education; processing industry; arts, entertainment and recreation; financial and insurance activities; information and telecommunications; to other service activities; and professional, scientific, and technical activities.

However, in almost all categories there were additional numbers of positions that could be filled by foreign workers compared to the previous provisions.