Towards the end of last week, we were presented with an unacceptable act happened during a hearing in the Central Jakarta District Court thanks to one Desrizal Chaniago who is the legal counsel representing Tomy Winata (the Artha Graha patron) in a legal battle related to the dispute over the debt-claiming rights (cessie) involving PT Geria Wijaya Prestige (GWP) and several other parties. During the hearing in question, he assaulted two judges, causing commotion and because of that the hearing was suspended. Desrizal had been named suspect in this case. But after the incident, the hearing continued and as suspected, the Panel of Judges decided to not granting Tomy’s lawsuit. This is probably what enraged Desrizal. The case became talk of the town and we finally re-read the chronology of the dispute in several copies of verdicts made available by the Supreme Court. Interesting to look at the dispute from another perspective.To subscribe please click here