The Finance Ministry signed an agreement with 29 toll road business entities, 36 toll road sections and 35 memoranda of understanding with a total value of Rp13.1 trillion for 2019. State assets management entity (LMAN) said the revised allocation for the fiscal year 2018 consist of 24 toll road business entities, 30 road segments toll road for 27 memoranda of understanding with a total value of Rp15.03 trillion.

The signing was related to the return of land bailouts for toll road projects that were included in the national strategic project list. Previously, the agency had paid for the national strategic project bailout in the form of toll roads worth Rp34.73 trillion or 92.9% of the billed Rp37.4 trillion in the first semester (H1) of 2019.

Until July 5, 2019, the agency has paid a bailout of the national strategic project in the form of a toll road amount to Rp34.735 Trillion or 92.8% of which was billed to LMAN in the amount to Rp37.403 Trillion.