Consumer confidence index edged up to 128.2 in May 2019 from 128.1 in the previous month. This was the highest reading since the series began in June 2000, amid optimism in the wake of presidential election result and ahead of long Eid ul-Fitr holiday. The gauge measuring job availability compared to six months ago jumped 3.3 points (98.7 vs 95.4 in April), and the index of current economic conditions rose by 2.1 points (113.5 vs 111.4). Also, the measure of current income advanced 1.4 points (126.2 vs 124.8), with the index of whether it was a good time to buy durable goods going up 1.6 points (115.6 vs 114.0). Meantime, the gauge measuring income expectations for the next six months declined 2.4 points (150.4 vs 152.8), the index of economic outlook fell 1.9 points (142.9 vs 144.8), and the measure of job availability expectations dropped 1.5 points (131.4 vs 132.9).