Back in mid-2018 we reported the development of the ongoing dispute regarding shares ownership between PT Aryaputra Teguhartha, a company with links to PT Ongko Multicorpora (PT Mitra Investindo Multicorpora) and Kaharudin Ongko (Bank Umum Nasional and former defendant in the BLBI graft case), and PT Bunas Finance Indonesia Tbk (now PT BFI Finance Tbk) (BFIN). There are three lawsuits filed by Aryaputra as of then including a police report also filed by the Company. The prolonged dispute, as we all know, was brought to life in May 2018 when Aryaputra conducted various legal efforts. The Jakarta State Administrative High Court (PTTUN) had decided in favor of BFIN in response to the resistance filed by the Company, contrary to the verdict previously decided by the Jakarta State Administrative Court (PTUN) which sided with Aryaputra. Recently, BFIN announced that Aryaputra decided to file for a cassation. But we also just learned that there is actually one other case investigated by the police even before Aryaputra filed the lawsuit to the PTUN. In the case, the police apparently had named one Irsanto Ongko as suspect since 2015. Irsanto filed a pre-trial lawsuit to question the determination and his petition was granted in the second day of April 2019. Now Irsanto demanded the police to obey the court verdict.

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