Government through the Ministry of Finance (MoF), officially opened the auction of SUKUK Savings with series ST004 for individual investors. The government sets an indicative target of Rp2 trillion for said Islamic bond. ST004 has a two-year tenor, offering from May 3 to May 21. The yield of ST004 is quite interesting at 7.95%.
This year, the ministry plans to issue 10 times the government bonds, specifically for retail investors. The government is targeting to raise funds of Rp80 trillion from the issuance of these instruments, both conventional and Sharia.
These funds will contribute to the gross government bonds issuance with total target Rp825.7 trillion this year. As of May 2019, the government has issued five retail bond instruments, namely SBR-005, ST-003, SR010, SBR006 and ST004.
Alfirman explained, there are four types of debt instruments to be issued this year, namely Indonesian Retail Bonds, Retail Savings Bond, Retail SUKUK, and Savings Bonds.
With the issuance of these bonds, the government hopes to embrace more retail investors. This year, the government targets to attract 100 thousand retail investors.