Government targets to operate 18 industrial zones outside Java in the third quarter (Q3) of 2019. The projects have potential investment of US$17.7 billion. According to the Director at the Directorate General of Regional Resilience Access to the International Industry of Ministry Industry Ignatius Warsito, the investment includes the construction of supporting infrastructure, such as power plants, water treatment, wastewater treatment plants, land, and roads.

Warsito explained, the 18 industrial zones were located in Lhoukseumawe, Ladong, Medan, Tanjung Buton, Landak, Maloy, Tanah Kuning, and Bitung. In addition, there are also in Kuala Tanjung, Kemingking, Tanjung Api-api, Gandus, Tanjung Jabung, Tanggamus, Batulicin, Jorong, Buli, and Bintuni Bay.