Indonesia’s external debt in February 2019 remains controlled with solid structure. Indonesia’s external debt at the end of February 2019 stood at US$388.7 billion, consisting of government and central bank debt of US$193.8 billion, and private includes state-owned enterprises debt of US$194.9 billion. The external debt position went up by US$4,8 billion since the last period explained by net withdrawals of external debt. Annually, Indonesia’s external debt grew 8.8% (yoy) in February 2019 after recording 7.2% (yoy) in the previous month mainly due to an upturn on government external debt.

Indonesia’s external debt maintained a solid structure.  This condition was reflected, among others, from Indonesia’s external debt ratio to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) posted at 36.9% at the end of February 2019, relatively unchanged from the previous month and still within the range of the peer countries average ratio.