Last week, the Corruption Court of the Central Jakarta District Court held the first hearing on the trial of Eni Maulani Saragih, the former Deputy Chairman of the House Commission VIII of the House of Representative (Golkar), who is a defendant in the Riau Power Plant graft case. The indictment prepared for Eni mentioned that in addition of receiving bribes from Johannes Kotjo, Eni had also received grafts from four businessmen, including the President Director of  PT Smelting Indonesia. PT Smelting quickly announced their rebuttal to the indictment. Separately, the bankruptcy process of PT Sariwangi Agricultural Estate Agency (Sari Wangi AEA Co Ltd – Sariwangi) and its subsidiary PT Maskapai Perkebunan Indorub Sumber Wadung (Indorub) continued when the Panel of Judges declared the Companies insolvency per November 30, 2018. The Companies are deemed incapable to repay their debts.

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