The 27 leaders of European Union (EU) finally endorsed United Kingdom’s (UK) withdrawal yesterday. But this does not mean that England steps is easy to officially attain Brexit. The country still needs House of Commons approval, which some of the parliament members firmly rejected. UK is scheduled to leave the EU on March 29, 2019.

As an effort to spread its trade market nets, Indonesia keeps supporting global free-trade. In Geneva, Swiss, the country stated its openness over the World Trade Organization (WTO) reformation and modernization, aims to give positive change in multilateral trading system and accommodate developing countries.

As G-33 coordinator, Indonesia also asked public stock holding and special safeguard mechanism. Suggestion to reform WTO sparked amid the global trade uncertainty. On the other hand, WTO seems to be weakening in carrying out its functions, seen by the failing Doha round negotiation, protectionism done by its country members, trade pressure increase, US blockade threat over appellate body members filling, and WTO’s un-effective monitoring system.