PT Kawasan Berikat Nusantara (Persero) (KBN) has been in dispute with its subsidiary PT Karya Citra Nusantara (KCN) since recent years on various issues. At the beginning of this year, KBN decided to sue KCN related to the utilization of several piers located in the concession area owned by KBN. KBN states that the KCN’s activities resulted in State losses, but the dispute is confusing because KCN can manage the disputed area by obtaining permission from the Ministry of Transportation. Two months ago, the verdict given by the North Jakarta District Court added to the confusion because the Panel of Judges ruled in favor of KBN. The Ministry of Transportation filed an appeal, stating that the dispute should not cause delay in the development of national strategic projects. But several national media outlets had reported that the President must intervene to resolve the dispute. But why now after the trial is already over?

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