It has been a while since the last time we heard of Fransiska’s name after she uncovered the case of alleged embezzlement of the asset of PT Japirex implicating Andreas Tjahyadi and Sandiaga Uno at the end of 2016. Back then, various national media outlets reported that Fransiska had acted on behalf of Djoni Hidayat and the late Happy Soeryadjaya, the first wife of Edward Soeryadjaya and the owner of the disputed asset. Several events unfolded since, including news that Fransiska and Andreas had resolve the dispute in mid-2018, and that Fransiska filed a police report against Sandi Uno. We haven’t heard of anything since then, this is why it’s surprising to see Fransiska’s name on the court’s registry last week. Fransiska filed a lawsuit against four people including Edward Soeryadjaya and Edwin Soeryadjaya. In the lawsuit, Fransiska also listed dozens of other people as co-defendants.

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