Government will release a national gas balance which will show the total supply of gas, producers and consumers across the country. The government will also develop gas as one of the prime movers of the economic growth, and not only as a commodity as it is now treated.

Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Deputy Minister Arcandra Tahar made the statement after attending a discussion on gas with all gas stakeholders at the State Palace on Thursday (Sep 13).

The dialog was focused on how Indonesia should develop gas as the prime mover of its economic growth. ESDM’s Oil and Gas Director General Djoko Siswanto commented that the new gas balance will separate the gas for retail industry and for non-retail industry, but the volume will be still the same.

Designed for the time frame of 2018-2027, it will consist of six regions, and three scenarios of demands to estimate the national gas demand in Indonesia.