In 2016 representatives of the community and occupants in Bukit Duri, South Jakarta filed a class action lawsuit against 11 elements in the Government in relation to the evictions conducted by Jakarta provincial government in order to continue the Ciliwung river normalization project. In October 2017, the lawsuit was granted by the Central Jakarta District Court. However, the Ciliwung Cisadane River Basin Main Station (BBWSCC) decided to appeal simply because they were named as one of the parties responsible to provide compensations for the plaintiffs. Recently, the Jakarta High Court published their verdict and decided to uphold the district court’s verdict. This is a victory for the community and they hoped the government will not file a cassation. But the question now is, can the government pay the compensation as per the community‚Äôs demands? Moreover, what is the current status of the normalization project?To subscribe please click here