The government, through Ministry for Energy & Minerals Resources (ESDM) will auction three terminated blocks and will soon be expired for contracts; Makassar Straits, Selat Panjang, and West Kampar. Makassar Straits Block consists of Gendola and Maha fields, scheduled to expire contract by 2020. This block is currently managed by Chevron, Pertamina, and Sinopec.
Selat Panjang block will be auctioned as current operator (PT Petro Selat Ltd) is bankrupt. Its partner, Petrochina is also reluctant to manage said block, located in Riau, and its contract will be expired in 2021. Selat Panjang has oil resources of 37.5 million barrels and gas resources of 118.4 billion standard cubic feet (bcf).
West Kampar block is managed by PT Sumatera Persada Energi (SPE) but it now bankrupt. This block located in Riau has oil reserves of 10-12 million barrels.
BOB Siak Pusako and Energy Equity Epic Sengkang are said interested to manage two terminated blocks which will expire their contracts in 2022. Some blocks expired in 2022 include Coastal Plains and Pekanbaru (CPP) (managed by PT Pertamina Hulu Energi and PT Bumi Siak Pusako), Sengkang block (managed by Energy Equity Epic Sengkang Pty Ltd), Tarakan East Kalimantan (PT Medco E&P), and Bengkal (MontD’Or Oil Tungkal Ltd and FuelX).
Sengkang Block in South Sulawesi has proven gas reserves of 800 bcf and resources of 2 trillion cubic feet (tcf).