Government through Toll Road Regulatory Agency offered six toll road projects with an investment value of Rp124 trillion to be auctioned gradually in the second half of this year. The projects have length 327 kilometers (km). The auction process of the six toll roads is expected to be completed this year.

That six toll roads are Semarang-Demak (26.80 km) with investment value of Rp15.34 trillion, Semanan-Balaraja (31.9 km) Rp16 trillion, Kamal-Teluknaga-Rajeg (38.6 km) Rp23.16 trillion, access to the Port of Patimban (37.70 km) Rp6.40 trillion, Gedebage-Tasikmalaya-Cilacap (184 km) Rp46.60 trillion, and Balikpapan-Penajam Paser Utama Bridge (7.60 km) with an investment value of Rp16.50 trillion.