Bank Bukopin (BBKP) booked net profit of Rp260.3 billion in H1 this year, doubled H1 last year. Net interest income only rose 1.4% to Rp1.54 trillion and operating profit increased 9.6% to Rp262 billion from previous Rp239.8 billion. The Bank also booked other operating income of Rp39.9 billion in the period. While loans declined 8.8% to Rp62.58 trillion. The Bank’s CAR stood at 11.12% and NPL was 4.39%.

Meanwhile Bank Mega booked profit after tax of Rp681.7 billion in H1 this year. Its loans reached Rp38.56 trillion and NPL net was 1.77%. Third party funds reached Rp63.70 trillion and total assets amounted Rp82.93 trillion. Bank Mestika Dharma booked flat net profit at Rp172 billion in H1 on net interest income of Rp357 billion. Loans grew 5% to Rp7.13 trillion. Its CAR was 33% and NPL stood at 1.61%.