Ministry of Finance and Budget Committee of the House of Representatives (DPR) agreed on the indicative budget ceiling for the ministries or institutions amounting to Rp838.6 trillion, slightly decreased from Rp847.4 trillion in 2018.

Director General of Budget of the Ministry of Finance Askolani on Wednesday (July 4) said the lower budget allocation was due to better efficiency, though it is not expected to affect its performance of ministries and government institutions.

The Ministry of Defense receives the biggest allocation with Rp106.1 trillion. Askolani said the government increases the security budget to counter-terrorism and security for general and presidential election in 2019.

Public Works and Public Ministry will get Rp102 trillion budget, followed by the National Police Rp76.9 trillion, Ministry of Religious Affairs Rp63 trillion, Ministry of Health’s Rp60 trillion, Ministry of Social Affairs Rp59.3 trillion, Ministry of Finance Rp46.3 trillion, Ministry of Transportation Rp44.1 trillion, The Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Rp42.3 trillion, and Ministry of Education and Culture Rp39.2 trillion.