Three years ago the Constitutional Court through decision No. 85/PUU-XI/2013 granted the Judicial Review on Law No. 7/2004 on Water Resources and ruled the Law unconstitutional. To avoid legal vacuum, the Court ordered the re-enactment of Law No. 11/1974 on Irrigation, but this is not enough. The Government since then had enacted several ministerial level regulations to fill the absence of up-to-date law. But the bill to replace the cancelled Law is not yet completed. As of April 2018 it is known that progress has been made in the process of discussing the long-awaited bill. However, the Government is known to only assign the Ministry of Public Works to represent the discussions with the House of Representatives. Related to this important role, last week, the Ministry of Industry reportedly requested that their institutions must be involved in the process of discussion on the grounds that this law will affect the domestic drinking water industry and the industrial sector as a whole.

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