The dispute between two mining and palm oil conglomerate in Pulau Laut, South Kalimantan recently expanded to an unexpected event. PT Multi Sarana Agro Mandiri (MSAM) controlled by Haji Isam filed a police report against one M. Yusuf, a journalist. Yusuf was quickly named a suspect of defamation for writing provocative articles related to the company‚Äôs conflict with the people. The police’s decision was questioned. Several days ago, Yusuf died in custody. In addition to having to face said situation. Sawit Watch filed a complaint against MSAM to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. In a separate case, PT BFI Finance Tbk (BFIN) recently submitted their application to be an intervention defendant in the lawsuit filed by PT Aryaputra Teguhartha to the State Administrative Court.To subscribe please click here