Tentera, a Los Angeles-based company, launched its premium, all-natural, single-origin, on-the-go, Indonesian pour-over coffee bag line today. In early 2016, Michael Riady founded Tentera, a brand that aims to follow its extended meaning: ‘good causes’.

Riady, an entrepreneur at heart, desired to launch a line of coffee products in the U.S. that supported a social mission that he stood behind – to support endangered species, wildlife, and rainforests. He started with what he knew. In Indonesia, a place he calls his first home, Riady grew up amid islands, rainforests, and wildlife, and always knew he wanted to help with their preservation.

Secondly, he liked coffee. As a businessman who is always on the go, Riady deeply desired readily available coffee that required no equipment. In Indonesia, the answer was single cup pour-over coffee bags, a concept he was surprised to find that was still foreign to consumers in Los Angeles. Thus, Tentera’s first pour-over coffee collection was born.