The former chairman of Indonesia’s football association (PSSI) La Nyalla Mattalitti was thought to be Gerindra’s candidate in East Java’s 2018 gubernatorial election. Banners with his photograph and the title “Gerindra’s prospective nominee” had already been hung in many regions in East Java. It was presumed that Gerindra had already settled their mind, but that was not the case. Gerindra ended up endorsing Syaefulah Yusuf instead. Heartbroken, La Nyalla held a press conference yesterday (Jan. 12) to spill some juice. Prabowo, he said, had asked him for billions of rupiah in order to secure Gerindra’s nomination. This is quite the blow on Prabowo and Gerindra. Will this affect their endorsers in the regional elections and Prabowo’s chance in 2019?To subscribe please click here