PT Nyonya Meneer was declared bankrupt on August 3, 2017. The Company, however, said that they had no idea this would happen because the Company was in a healthy condition and claimed that they had a total of Rp16 trillion in assets. Interestingly, the team of curators still cannot find the trillions of rupiah of assets claimed. On September 4, 2017, the curators informed that they had only found several assets belonging to the Company, while other assets found were under the name of the Company’s president director and shareholder. In the meantime, the Company reporter that they were in discussion with several potential investors, one of whom was the former Minister of Trade Rachmat Gobel. Unfortunately, the discussion was halted because Bank Papua, the separatist creditors with the most receivables, decided to conduct a closed bidding to auction the Company’s assets with the help of the Office of the State Property and Auction Service (KPKNL) in Semarang. To subscribe please click here