Indonesia’s world of shipping business has been going through a difficult year because the only professional association for the shipowners, i.e.,the  Indonesian National Shipowners’ Association, is now torn into two different leaderships. The Indonesian National Shipowners’ Association (INSA) was recognized by Ministry of Law and Human Rights under the leadership of Johnson W. Sutjipto, while the Union of Indonesian National Commerce Shipping Entrepreneurs (PPPNNI – P3N2I) was recognized under the leadership of  Carmelita Hartoto Hardikusumo. Because of this duality, on March 2016, Carmelita and Budhi Halim filed a lawsuit to demand the revocation of the decree that validates Sutjipto’s leadership. The lawsuit was accepted, but apparently the Ministry decided to publish two other decrees in favor of Sutjipto. In mid-2017, Carmelita once again filed a lawsuit, but this time against the Minister of Law and Human Rights.To subscribe please click here