In the past two weeks, there’s been two terror attacks aimed at the police; one took place in North Sumatera and another in South Jakarta. One policeman died in the attack in North Sumatera after being brutally stabbed in his sleep. Four men were named suspects after the incident. In South Jakarta, two police officers were stabbed inside a mosque after finishing their evening prayers by an attacker who also joined the prayers. These attackers used3 the same method: stabbing. They also have the same target: the police. One of the attackers in the North Sumatera case is reportedly a follower of Jamaah Ansharut Daulah, the same organization behind the bombing attack in Kampung Melayu back in May 2017. The rising number of attacks targeting the police further intensified the pressure for the promulgation of the amended Law on Counterterrorism.To subscribe please click here