Eight months have passed since the Sujaya Group’s two subsidiaries, PT Bintang Jaya Proteina Feedmill (Bintang Jaya) and PT Sinka Sinye Agrotama (Sinka Sinye), entered their period of Suspension of Debts Payment (PKPU). Last week, the Group announced that they were able to find an investor, i.e., Hong Kong-based Macquarie Capital Securities Limited, the subsidiary of Macquarie Group Limited. But even with the good news, the Group seemed to be struggling to find common ground with their creditors. The voting meeting scheduled for June 12, 2017 was postponed. With the help of the supervisory judge the Group received another time extension to fix their peace proposal. But this is the last chance for the Group to resolve this dispute because they have used all the time limits provided by the law in a PKPU. Failure to resolve this dispute will end with the Group deemed bankrupt.To subscribe please click here