The heart of the dispute between PT Sandipala Arthaputra and Oxel Systems Pte Ltd is an agreement both parties had entered into. The Singapore High Court’s judgement document explains that between October 2011 and early November 2011, Paulus Tannos had several meetings with Andi Winata. On around November 9, 2011, against all odds, Sandipala entered into an agreement with Oxel under which Oxel agreed to supply 100m chips described as “ST-Micro ST23YR12AW0NPACA”. These are ST23YR12 chips encoded with Oxel’s proprietary PAC software for the chip’s operating system. The PAC operating system was owned by one of Oxel’s suppliers, Logii Inc. Sandipala and Paulus claimed that they had been induced into contracting for the supply of chips that could not be used to produce the E-KTP Cards, or which could not be used without changes to the E-KTP system as a whole. According to Sandipala, the PNRI Consortium, through Quadra and its sub-contractor, Softorb, contracted with ST-AP to supply 100,000 pieces of electronic chips for use in the tender evaluation. Sandipala also claims that Oxel has breached its duty of care by:To subscribe please click here