Intraco Penta (INTA) suffered loss of Rp245.7 billion in 2016, narrowed from Rp315.46 billion in 2015. Revenue increased 13.8% to Rp1.5 trillion from Rp1.32 trillion previously, but cost of revenues also rose 26.8% to Rp1.29 trillion from Rp1.02 trillion. INTA’s heavy equipment sales jumped 92% to Rp782 billion from previous Rp406 billion but sales of spare parts declined 18% to Rp288 billion from earlier Rp352 billion. Revenues from maintainance services also fell to Rp155 billion from Rp202 billion while rental service contributed revenue of Rp115.8 billion, compared to Rp49 billion only in 2015. Finance lease income also declined to Rp101 billion from Rp249 billion in 2015.

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