Last week, the Government announced the dismissal of the President Director and Vice President Director of PT Pertamina (Persero) Dwi Soetjipto and Ahmad Bambang. The dismissal, according to the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Rini Soemarno, bore no political reason; both had to be dismissed because they supposedly could not cooperate with each other. This is an interesting development given that Pertamina is under intense scrutiny. Ahmad Bambang is now being examined as a witness in a case of alleged corruption involving PT Pertamina Trans Kontinental. On the same day the dismissal was announced, the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) also announced the naming of the former President Director of Dana Pensiun Pertamina M. Helmi Kamal Lubis as a graft suspect. To this day, the AGO is investigating 3 allegations of corruption in Pertamina and its subsidiary. The National Police’s Criminal Investigation Division (Bareskrim Polri) is also investigating 1 case of alleged corruption involving Pertamina.To subscribe please click here