Toto Hermijanto (The Tjin Kim), the founder of Shinta Group, one of the largest garment and textile players in Indonesia, passed away on July 30, 2016 in Singapore. On Tuesday, October 11, 2016, Lontoh & Partners Law Office representing Indra Hermijanto published a warning regarding Toto’s inheritance in two national newspapers. Two days later, Juniver Girsang and Partners representing Mrs. Lek Chui Eng, Lynn Hermijanto, and Stacey Hermijanto issued a half-page announcement to rebuff the claims published by Lontoh & Partners. The two subpoenas mentioned Toto’s inheritance and the civil case No. 425/Pdt.G/2015/PN Tng that is currently at the stage of appeals, but did not clearly explain the situation. What’s actually going on?To subscribe please click here