Bribery in the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (Kemen-PUPR)’s Trans-Seram road project was revealed as a result of the sting operation (OTT) that the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) conducted on January 13, 2016. Eight months have passed, and to date, the Director of PT Windhu Tunggal Utama (WTU) Abdul Khoir is the only bribe giver that’s been sentenced. The other alleged bribe giver, i.e., the Commissioner of PT Cahaya Mas Perkasa (CMP) So Seng Kok a.k.a A Seng a.k.a Franky Harman Tanaya and Director of PT Sharleen Raya (JECO Group) Hong Artha John Alfred are still free. On on the receiving end, the members of Commission V of the House of Representatives Damayanti Wisnu Putranti and her colleague Budi Supriyanto (Golkar) have gone to trial, though Musa Zainuddin (PKB) remains a free man. Andi Taufan was named as a suspect in April 2016 and was finally detained earlier this month.To subscribe please click here