Ever since the amendment of Law 23/2014 on Regional Governments was passed, the Indonesian Government has been faced with the pressing need to also amend Law 4/2009 on Minerals and Mining, and Law 32/2004 on Regional Autonomy. Recall that Law 4/2009 and Law 32/2004 place the authority for granting mining concessions on regents and mayors, whereas governors only have the authority to grant concessions on cross-boundary mining. The newly-amended Law 23/2014, on the other hand, revoked the authority of regents and mayors to grant mining concession, and return the authority to the Central Government, by way of Governors. For the sake of legal certainty, amendments must be passed. But even though the amendment of Law No.4/2009 has been included in the 2016 legislative priority list, discussions have not progressed far enough. To subscribe please click here