State miner PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTM) suffered operating loss of Rp250.7 billion in first half (H1) of 2016, against operating profit of Rp103 billion in the corresponding period of 2015, as sales dropped 47% to Rp4.16 trillion from previous Rp7.85 trillion. The Company only booked gross profit of Rp119.8 billion while operating expenses reached Rp370 billion. In H1/15 period, ANTM booked gross profit of Rp528 billion, with operating expenses amounted Rp425 billion. But ANTM reported positive bottom line (Rp11 billion profit) for H1/16, against Rp396 billion loss for H1/15, helped by other income of Rp374 billion. In H1/15 period, ANTM posted other expenses of Rp287 billion.

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